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3D Laser Scanner <i>Quantum</i>

3D Laser Scanner Quantum

3D Laser Scanner by b&w solutions.

3d laserscanner Quantum Frame


measuring of volumes, dimensions,
contures, shapes and sizes...

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optical measuring systems with 3d laser scanners for object recognition, volumes, positions, shapes, surfaces and depth scanning

b&w solutions produces and supplies industry-specific laser scanner technology. The range of Quantum 3D laser scanner measuring systems enables our customers to quickly and accurately measure complex components, shapes, surfaces, positions and volumes, customized to every requirement. b&w solutions provides a simple way to use the Quantum Laser Scanner, for example. in the customer's own logistics to monitor fill levels, contours, sizes, dimensions or shapes during the packing process or picking or to check the shipment for completeness. Quantum laser scanners find special applications in quality assurance by matching components with digital patterns by detecting type and height differences and deviations in the depth measurement. Position determinations of components in automated processes for further processing by robots can be implemented smoothly with Quantum.

With over 250 systems in use worldwide, b&w solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of laser scanner applications. Rooted in the packaging industry, the company has developed into a global player across all sectors and sees a bright future as a result of the increasing online trade as a system provider of complete solutions.

small excerpt from our customer list

Porsche // Wagner // Magna // Elopak // Apologistics // BMW // WTT // Conrad Elektronik // Scania // Skoda // MAN // Eisenman // Corado // My Toys


Automotive and Suppliers // Logistics // Consumer Goods // Food and Beverage // Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics // Robotics // Painting & Surface Technology // Packaging // Online Trading // Manufacturing Industry // Steel Industry