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Produce today with the technology of tomorrow. Our crate fi ll-level monitoring system works with measuring light curtains, which are used as sensors. Required software routines are programmed in the measuring system for operating the overall system. The individual sensors are replaced by light curtains. Developed by professionals, for professionals.


You can look forward to patented outstanding performance:

  • Evaluation based on the PalScan 3D XE controller measuring system
  • Shipment completely installed and function-tested
  • Automatic teach-in of the beverage crates used
  • Type-independent and more stable production
  • Improved traceability of error causes
  • Made in Bietigheim by b&w solutions
  • Light curtains from Leuze electronic
  • Software routines are programmed
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Significantly higher productivity
  • No complex individual sensors
  • Highest quality assurance
  • Available in 7 versions


Don’t run after your production, lead it with a strong hand. Our crate fill-level system will spare your nerves and save you time every day. That can amount to weeks over the years. And that is exactly your economic benefit. Patented technology, very simple operation and maximum cost effectiveness. This is what constitutes good systems and machines. Seven upgrade levels for your production – you have the choice:

Basic system
Crate types are selected manually on the controller. The following features are included: Mechanism for light curtains, manual height adjustment, adjustment for different widths (of the transporters), controller PalScan3D XE, TCP interface for signal to PLC (IO and NIO crates). Design in powder-coated steel or optionally in stainless steel.

Option 1
Basic system including control cabinet in powder-coated steel or optionally in stainless steel with power supply, fuse, power outlet and main switch. Type selection on the controller.

Option 2
Basic system + option 1 including large controller display on the control cabinet door with type selection directly on the display.

Option 3
Basic system + option 1 including additional optical signaling with indicator light. Function: Green = system on/ready to operate – Red = NIO crates

Option 4
Basic system including pusher control with direct signal to the pneumatic valve. Time-controlled. Monitoring photo-electric sensor; crates on the pusher.

Option 5
Signal exchange TCP and type selection via PLC as well as automatic height adjustment by a servo motor.

Option 6
Signal exchange via PROFIBUS.

Option 7
Basic system including logging of number of detected crates, the number of crates with missing bottles, position of the missing bottles and detection of horizontal bottles.


Properties of the product

  • Recognition of completeness in the crate
  • Detection of disturbing bodies in the beverage crate
  • IO/NIO crates

Scanner types

  • QUANTUM Ultro


  • QUANTUM Continuus

Evaluation software QUANTUM Omni

Connection to all QUANTUM scanners and QUANTUM evaluation units with individual adaptation via graphical controls. The software has a multilingual interface with fast result presentation and SPS connection.



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Quantum 3D Laser Scanner

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