filling shipping boxes automatic with loose fill made out of paper


Fully automatic machine for filling paper chips in shipping boxes.

The machine uses 3D laser scanners to determine the remaining volume of the incoming shipping boxes and fills them with the exact amount of cushioning material required for perfect transport protection. The Papermaster is a compact stand-alone solution - no other infrastructure is required apart from the paper rolls.

The filling process of the boxes with paper chips can be optimized by an optional vibration unit. This ensures an even better distribution of the upholstery material in all free spaces. Cardboard boxes that are not filled correctly can optionally be sorted out.


  • Inexpensive, fully automatic alternative for filling shipping boxes
  • Innovative and sustainable paper solution
  • Compact and self-sufficient island solution
  • Faster ROI



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automatic filling with cushioning material out of cornstarch or paper

automatic filling with cushioning material

automatic filling with cushioning material
from e.g. cornstarch or paper

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