THE HUBI – lifting device for loaded goods

Make it easy for yourself.
With HUBI - our unique lifting device for loaded goods. Your employees in warehouse logistics and palletising will not only value it - they will love it! Why? It saves time, strength and nerves. And at the end of each day above all else a lot of money. The working time for the reprocessing of goods that are no longer suitable for being loaded on Düsseldorf half-pallets (DHP) is significantly reduced - from previously approx. 15 minutes to 5 minutes! The HUBI is also available for Europa pallets and other formats. Intelligent technology, stable, easy-to-use and an economic miracle - that’s what HUBU is:


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  1. The goods are picked up via the hydraulic clamping and lifted from the pallet via HUBI.
  2. The defective pallet is unloaded with a free lift and then replaced by a tradeable DHP.
  3. Then the goods are put on a good DHP and the clamping is loosened.
  4. Another PLUS: You achieve significant savings in costs because the product does not have to be completely re-wrapped and the labels are preserved. The HUBI is removed and the pallet is ready.
  5. After 2 to 4 windings at the pallet foot the pallet is again save for loading and ready for transport. Done! Thanks to HUBI the pallet exchange only takes 5 minutes.


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